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The Hate U Give

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I can't find a thread on this, so apologies if there is one - there should be, as it's very much a novel of the moment.

It succeeded in taking me into a very different world than my own and making me feel what it's like to be a black teenager in a divided America. Starr's parents send her to a private school in an attempt to protect her from the drug dealing and violence of her home and extended family. She learns to operate in both environments, but keeps them away from each other, until she is a witness to the shooting of her unarmed friend Khalil by a policeman. The rest of the novel shows how she copes with this, and finds her voice in the debate.

The characters are great, and Starr having a foot in both camps prevents a clichéd view of race politics. I found it hard going in a way that the target audience probably won't, because I'm unfamiliar with rap music and the cultural references, and I didn't enjoy the dramatic action sequences, but then I'm not the core readership. It's being made into a film and it should work well.


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