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What are you watching on TV?


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I see from my post on page one of this thread that I was then watching series2 of Unforgotten. I have been equally gripped by the 3rd and, sadly, last of the series.

We are also still watching Fake or Fortune, which is even more repetitious as they are all repeats from an earlier series.

Mr meg hasn't rerecognised any of them. The joy of poor memory - everything is a new experience every time!


I have been enjoying the recent plethora of painting programmes.

Sky Arts' Portrait Artist of The Year, 2020 and a few from 2019, also Landscape Artist of The Year. Currently on Landscape Artist of The year (Canada).  Could watch those every day.

Have also enjoyed Grayson's Art Club and the life-painting programme 'Drawers Off'. All quite different types of artistic endeavour, some less accomplished than others, but all fascinating - and sadly both programmes now finished.

Mr meg likes Bob Ross - I'm afraid I'm not a fan.

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I recently watched Fargo season 4 and thought it was superb.  


Also have started Deutschland 89, having enjoyed 83 and 86. I love a good spy/espionage show. 


And then, another series I really liked recently was Mr Inbetween on Fox UK. Dark comedy drama from Austrailia. 

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I've been enjoying the Sky POTY/LOTY as well, I wasn't sure about the Landscape artist's semi final winning painting (of Docklands) but loved her commission for the final, it was stunning.


I like Unforgotten as well, that last one was a bit of a shocker wasn't it!  I'm also watching The Terror on BBC2, which is barmy but at least a bit different to everything else that's on at the moment.  I recorded The Night Manager when it was repeated recently as I missed it the first time it was on, so will start on that soon.

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This is Us, a family drama on Amazon Prime. It's a circular drama, in one episode you can have the same characters at different times of their lives. Reminds me of Thirtysomething, produced by one of the actors from that series, but even before I knew that I felt the connection. Has that great ability to tune in to moments in life and expand on them. One of most addictive TV series I've ever watched. I know a family drama just sounds like 'it's all been done before' but this one is different. One of the best novels never written. 

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