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This is the second in the Stillman Creek series by Rachel Caine - where a family are on the run after discovering that the father is a serial killer.

In the first outing the father, Melvin, had tracked down his family despite new identities and the hacker who Gwen was paying to hide her family, was in fact working for the father.

In this second in the series, Gwen refuses to leave her new home and decides to turn the tables on her husband and go hunting for him. She gives her children to a neighbour to watch while she and her new partner (its complicated  - he is the brother of one of Melvin's victims) Sam go looking for the hacker and Melvin.


These books are perfect for a holiday beach read or a cosy afternoon curled up in a blanket. They are never going to be great literature but the are cracking good reads that pound along at furious pace and are highly entertaining for a breathless read. Cant wait for the next one.


ETA spoiler - Sorry, assumed that people interested in the second would have read the first!

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Hazel, can you put a spolier in this please? I really want to read Stillman Creek and think I managed to stop reading just in time.

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    • By Hazel
      I loved this thriller, absolutely loved it. Gina Royal is a housewife with two perfect children, a boy and a girl of course. Her husband, Melvin, is a hard worker and a good husband. Until one day, a car crashes into their garage and when Gina returns, she finds the cops all over her house and she is placed under arrest. Turns out, and this doesn't spoil the book, that the crash revealed her husband's horrible secret.
      Gina spends a year in jail before being acquitted. She then goes into hiding with her kids as the horrible trolls of the world believe her to be complicit in her husband's crimes and won't leave her alone. She relocates several times but at the time of this book, she is living in Stillhouse Lake, a remote village. The kids are schooled on how to leave instantly should they need to relocate again and how precisely they need to lock down the house every day and night. Life in temporary at best. Then a body surfaces in the lake and Gina's life threatens to unravel again.
      I couldn't wait to pick this up every night. It is utterly compelling and towards the end, I could feel my heart pounding. Thankfully there is a sequel, currently patiently waiting on my TBR pile!