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Did anyone watch this series, adaptation of the Gilliam Flynn novel.


I hadn't read the novel beforehand (or any thing by Gilliam Flynn) but I found it to be a very enthralling series.


Amy Adams, Patricia clarkson, Chris Messina all did great jobs.



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I gave up on it after 3 episodes, I got fed up with the constant flashbacks and the endless roller skating!  Normally I don't mind flashbacks but this was way too many. I'm not a fan of Gillian Flynn though, having loathed Gone Girl.

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      I saw as for the adaptation of this very good book series advertised for sky Atlantic this morning.
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      Gone Girl - Gillian Flynn

      This thriller has got a fair amount of press coverage over the past few months and for good reason. Its portrayal of the games and tensions that play out in a marriage is nothing short of brilliant and the story telling technique is first class.

      The first part of the book is told by Nick whose wife, Amy, has gone missing in suspicious circumstances on their fifth wedding anniversary. As Nick reports the subsequent events and gives us an insight into their relationship we start to suspect that his version of events is not to be trusted. Then Nick's story is interleaved with excerpts from Amy's diary and things start to get really disturbing.

      It's impossible to talk about this book without spoilers but the twists and turns in the plot are very clever and the author plays with your loyalties and emotions to great effect. When I read a good thriller I start to get anxious about the ending, so many good books are ruined with a poor ending, but this one is good. I'll say no more than that for now.
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