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This book is the first in a series and isn't the best written, the best charecterised or the best plotted but my goodness does it kick off with a great premise and it's also huge fun.


Isaac Vaanio is a libriomancer, a magician who can reach into book and draw out objects in a world where if enough people read and believe what they've read they can bring that type of character to life. The plot's a bit of the same old, outsider has been cast aside by the organisation he works for and then is the one who has to save said organisation with only the help of a dryad (created via a soft-porn fantasy novel) and a fire spider he got out of a book some years ago and can't return (go figure, fire and paper) but it's energetic and an absolute pleasure for someone who used to spend lunch hours in Dark They Were and Golden Eyed (London's first sci fi bookshop) and knows far more about B list sci fi than she's prepared to admit. It's full of great touches, Isaac is attacked by vampires int hefirst chapter, the hand of one of them catches the light and sparkles - he's knows instantly it's the Meyeris variety which has only been around since 2005 (the year Twilight came out).


I'm looking forward to reading the next one but will probably leave it a bit.

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