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Manuel: Portrait of a Serial Killer

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This is the true story of Peter Manuel and what he did. 


Unfortunately, for me, the early life of Peter Manuel was told at the back of the book, indeed the second to last chapter, in an interview his mother gave to a newspaper after Manuel had been condemned, because she wanted the world to know that, to her, he wasn't a monster.  I think that the book lacked a lot for that and I would have preferred to have read that at the beginning of the book even if the interview was conducted after Manuel was condemned.  I also felt that the author jumped about the time-line too much and that made things a little confusing. To me, if you are going to write about a real life person you start with that person's birth (the author actually did do that) and then recount their life as it happened, one step after another.  A skilled author will be able to do this without making it read like a shopping list.


That said, the author has done his research and does make some good points based on said research.  


It wasn't badly written enough for me to stop reading it but it could have been so much better.  Donald Findlay, QC wrote the prologue and that was very well written.  Apparently there isn't a factual book on Manuel that somebody doesn't claim isn't well written.


So I would not recommend this book unless you (like me) are desperate to find out what he did - and I suspect that the majority, if not all, of the information is available on the internet anyway.



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