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This has been around for a while, and the author also wrote the TV show "Fargo". This is similar in the sense that it's a clever take on the thriller genre.

The premise is that a private plane has gone down with the loss of a big-name TV executive and his family, a controversial big time banker and his family, and the crew. The only survivors are the 4 year old son of the media guy and a down on his luck artist who was invited onto the flight at the last minute and who rescues the boy.

Before long, questions are being asked about Scott, the painter. Can he be trusted? Is it a coincidence that he paints disaster scenes?


I thought this was a very clever take on the thriller. I won't say why as it would spoil the whole point. But there were times when it really punctured the whole macho culture of big money. I loved the part where Scott is refusing to play the media game. He's dealing with an impromptu press conference and a reporter demands that he says what the crash was like. He insists on answering the question: "you're looking for an analogy?" and he tells her "it was like nothing", but she has moved on. This was a recurring theme, the way that news asks questions but won't listen to the real answers, or asks questions which can only be answered through cliche, or not at all.


I really liked it, even though the ending won't be to everyone's taste.

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