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    • By waawo
      Restored Thread
      12th February 2012, 04:43 PM
      Jack Ketchum's name has long been hovering on the periphery of my brain. I see his name every so often and the reviews of detailed, graphic horror that makes your stomach churn, so I thought I would give him a shot.
      His books are relatively expensive here and often out of print but I managed to get a nearly new copy of Off Season from greenmetropolis pretty cheap. This books is of the Hills Have Eyes, cannibals in remote forest, disappearing travellers variety.
      Carla, an editor, takes a retreat to a remote cabin in Maine. Her friends join her later and the very night they arrive a 'family' of cannibals; uncivilized, brutal, incestuous, break into the cabin and quickly try to kill and eat everyone therein.
      It really is terribly graphic and Ketchum's imagination for the distasteful is quite bottomless. If I had read this when I was a teenager I would have loved it and devoured all his other books. As it is, as a adult, it just seemed a little tired and graphic for shock's sake. Eek.
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