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In Kill Creek sits a house where bloody murders occurred and since then it has lain closed up and abandoned. Until now, Wainwright who has a social media vlog, invites four of the best horror writers to spend the night there over Halloween, being interviewed for his vlog as they do so. You would think that the novel hinges on this night, however, save for a few bizarre, mind-melding episodes the authors all get to leave the next day seemingly unharmed. Over the course of the next months, leading to a year, each of the novelists become obsessed, independently, with writing a singular tale. Here we stray into Stephen King territory, the novelists are obsessed, disdaining normal life and everything else just to write. Words become pages become tomes. Bringing themselves together again, they decide to revisit the house and find out why they are all obsessed.


Reading this book was a little bit of a bizarre experience. On the face of it, the second half of the book is the true horror as events unfold. The first half is a little bit creepy but mostly just intriguing. However, it creeped the hell out of me. I found the descent to madness for these authors really unsettling and I was actually anxious returning to the book at night.


I would really recommend this to Stephen King fans, and plain ol' horror fans. Everyone loves a haunted house story and I love that this house reached beyond its parameters. Deckled edges though, man, they look pretty but they interfere with the flow of reading.

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