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Fated is the first book in an urban fantasy series set in London. Alex Verus, the likeable narrator, runs a magic shop in Camden which has some items that are a lot more magical than others and is also a Diviner, in that he can see the future. He tries to stay out of politics but needless to say gets drawn into battling the Dark, even though he doesn't entirely trust the Light either over a mysterious artifact in the British Museum added by an assistant who brings bad luck to anyone she touches and a completely brainless air sprite.


Yes, it owes a lot to The Desden Files - there's even a joking reference to Harry Dresden in the first chapter, and it's not as original as the Rivers of London books but I gallaped through this, and the second in the series, Cursed. They're thoroughly enjoyable, light and smooth and even my husband, who normally hates this sort of book, picked Cursed up at lunchtime and is now about 70 pages in.

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