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Which translation app are you using?

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Hi all! :)

I was wondering which translation app are you currently using for going abroad or translating unfamiliar words from texts? Please, leave your suggestions below, I am sick of google translate and I am looking for an alternative!

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A German friend :D

Seriously, she's great when it comes to these things as she is a translator.


Really seriously, the only place outside of UK & Ireland, I've gone is netherlands, so their English is good.

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      This is interwoven with interactions Richard has with existing friends and acquaintances. Jenny Erpenbeck makes splendid use of history to draw parralels between international borders, national identity and references through out the novel to the old East Germany, a country to which Richard had lived most of his adult live but no longer exists. National identity and borders are an interest of mine so these parts particularly resonated to me.
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