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The Little Library Cookbook

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This was a Christmas present and is great fun to read. Kate Young is a cookery writers and has interpreted recipes from her favourite books (albeit with a considerable amount of licence, for instance the Famous Five have Steak and Ale pie when, as she admits, it's more like they'd have had Pork Pie) so there's marmelade from Paddington, Spanakopita from Middlesex, Chocolatl from Northern Lights and Chicken casserole from Excellent Women by Barbara Pym.


I can't say that any of the recipes strike me as ones I'm yearning to make but there are several which I'll give a try and I'm planning to give my book club a properly literary lunch when it's my turn to have them to lunch: possibly stuffed aubergines from Love in the Time of Cholera, Spanakopita and Potato and Wild Garlicsalad from Meg Roscoff's The Way We Are Nowfollowed by Black Ice Cream from the banquet served up by Cruella de Vil in  101 Dalmatians.

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