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The Brutal Telling


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This is the fifth book in The Inspector Gamache series and in my opinion by far and away the best.  Unlike previous novels in this series the crime itself was very believable and far darker than I have come to expect.  This novel takes the reader back to Three Pines following a different setting in the previous book and the usual group of villagers reappear.  Both the members of Gamache's team and many of the villagers are becoming like old friends and story lines loosely run from book to book which I really like.


When a dead body is discovered in the village bistro the villagers are all shocked.  When no weapon, motive, suspect or even identity of the victim can be easily discovered Chief Inspector Gamache and his team are faced with the task of uncovering clues of the victim's past.  Once again the book is very character driven and as much is learnt by watching and listening to members of the village as by any other means.


As I have said in comparison with other books in this series this story is quite dark.  It is also remarkably clever and very detailed.  The reader has to concentrate all the time for fear of missing the odd little clue here or the odd little clue there.  Unlike other books in the series I really did have no idea who the murderer was until the very end when all was explained.  Even then I was not completely convinced that there was not going to be one last twist.  My attention was held until the very last page!


I found this book very hard to put down and would not hesitate to recommend it to other readers.  When describing other books in the series I have suggested that regular readers of crime novels may find the crimes a little far fetched and the pace a little slower. Not so with this book.   The author has managed to create a crime novel in which the crime and the solving of it holds the reader's attention as much as the characters and the views offered of human nature and behaviour.  A very sophisticated crime novel in fact and a great read.

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