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The Murder Stone


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This is the fourth in the Inspector Gamache series and is the first of the series in which the greatest part of the action takes place away from Three Pines.  The wealthy Finney family get together each year at The Manoir Bellchasse, an exclusive hotel set in The Canadian Wilderness, to pay tribute to their late father.  During their stay each year old secrets and bitter rivalries have a habit of resurfacing and this year's get together is to prove no different from previous year's!  When a massive thunder storm hits the hotel following a heat wave this year proves to be a little different. After the storm a body is found in the grounds by one of the gardeners.


Chief inspector Gamache of the Surete du Québec and his wife happen to be staying at the hotel along with the Finney family and when the hotel is locked down he calls his usual team to help him solve the murder.  Three Pines is not left out completely however as two members of the Finney family are residents of the village and have played parts in all three of the previous stories.  Gamache knows that as nobody is allowed to leave the murderer is cornered and could strike again so solving the crime quickly is required.


Once again the joy of this book for me are the characters and their relationships with one another along with the pictures the reader is able to build up of human nature itself.  As usual Gamache is a brilliant leading man and somebody who, if he actually existed, I would love to be able to sit down with over a quiet drink and chat to.  


Once again the crime itself is not the most important part of this book and although all is explained clearly leaving the reader in no doubt as to what has happened the explanation is a little far fetched to say the least.  For me this is a little unimportant but I do realise that readers of more common crime novels may find the Gamache series a little slow moving for their tastes.  Although this series is one that I would freely recommend to other readers I would have point out the relatively slow pace of the novels.

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