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This is the second book in the Chief Inspector Armand Gamache series and once again is set in the Quebec village of Three Pines. Many of the characters who appeared in the first book also appear in this one, both amongst the villagers and the Inspector's team. Once again the book is as much about the characters involved and human nature in general as it is about any crime.  Gamache himself is really beginning to grow on me as are many of the other characters and they are beginning to feel a little like old friends.  A series like this is just great for me as I love character driven books and this series promises to be a favourite.


The crime itself is set in deep winter and concerns an electrocuted body.  It seems to be the perfect crime as although it happened in a crowd of people there appears to be no witnesses or clues.  When the inspector starts to untangle the victims past however he discovers a history filled with enemies and shadows.  The crime itself is a little bit far fetched but quite clever.  The writer drops little clues as she goes along.


This is an enjoyable series but if you are looking for hard hitting crime writing I doubt this is for you.  It really is much gentler than that. In many ways I think of Louise penny as a modern day Agatha Christie.  I would certainly recommend this book and the series.


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