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Nightmare in Berlin


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Review of Nightmare in Berlin by Hans Fallada, translated by Allan Blunden.


The novel starts with the German soldiers in retreat from the invading Soviet forces, evacuating their positions. The novel is set with the main two characters, Dr./Mr. Doll (a writer based on Fallada himself) and his wife, Mrs Doll. The town is occupied by the Soviets who after interviewing Doll when an SS uniform is found in their garden (thrown there by one of the many neighbour who doesn't like them and trying to get them in trouble), Doll is made mayor of the small town and dealing with the problems of the town and townspeople (working 16 hours a day) makes him ill unfortunately ending both him and Mrs Doll. With them out of hospital, they decide to return to reclaim their apartment in Berlin though also finding hospital place in Berlin for both him and his wife also plays on their mind as a way for both to feed their morphine addictions.


What I felt had started off as promising read started to drag mid way through it. A little dissappointing of a read for me as I found a bit of it dragged.  It's not a bad read, just not one of his best. I think part of it is in the start of the novel, Mr and Mrs Doll come across as being feisty characters and then little later, when back in Berlin


* * * 1/2

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