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John Peel Day; Tributes Here:


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I think I may have read that post at the wrong speed...


Anyone who listens to BBC 6Music (as promoted by myself on the radio thread) can enjoy some 'best ofs' from the Peel archives beginning October 25th - the first anniversary of the great man's passing.


(By something of a contrast, Margaret Thatcher, I'm told, turns eighty today. There is no justice in this world.)

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A great man.


There have been many tributes about him giving people breaks. All good to hear, but I really like the humble tribute Jarvis Cocker gave.


“Without John there would have been no Pulp. He introduced me to types of music I would never have come across.”

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I don't think I can recall ever being so upset by the death of a public figure apart from Douglas Adams, another radio stalwart.


I used to do my school homework listening to his programmes and I remember he DJ'd at the Manchester University Fresher's Ball when I arrived in 1988. He was an important part of my teenage years and I could lay some of the blame at his door for me being the person I am today. I wanted to be John Peel when I grew up, I still do, and I hope I will be as excited by the shock of the new at 65 as he was.


Much of the contents of my vast record collection are probably directly attributable to him. His influence enriched my life even if the thousands I spend on CDs has made me financially poorer


It wasn't just the music, though. As someone who made tonguetied attempts to emulate the great man on college radio, I was envious of his talents as a broadcaster. He had that rare gift that when he was on the radio I felt like he was talking just to me, and his enthusiasm was infectious. I didn't care if the occasional record started at the wrong speed, it just made him endearingly human, as did those lugubrious tones musing on the mundanities of life on "Home Truths".


He's frankly irreplacable and thankfully the BBC don't appear to have tried. However, aspiring musicians lost a vital outlet to get themselves heard.

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