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Songs With Sound Effects


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Barclay James Harvest's "Suicide" had some great sound effects; lots of walking, elevator, door opening onto rooftoop, stepping to the edge followed by the plunge with a 2 second whooshing sound ending with an almighty thud!


Great track actually.


"I woke up to a feeling, it was cold by my side

You had gone with the sunrise, leaving tears in my eyes

I got up with a feeling of an emptiness inside

To the noise of the sidewalk and the silence of my mind

Well I walked out this morning, down a street with no name

To a club called "The Loser", like a dog that's gone lame

Took the club elevator to the floor with a view

I took out life subscription - it's the only one they do


I stepped out on the guard rail, saw the crowds slowly part

Heard a voice shouting "Don't jump, please for God's sake let me move my car!"

Felt a hand on my shoulder, heard a voice cry "Just in time!"

Felt the quick push, felt the air rush

Felt the sidewalk, fell in line."

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Viz the type of 'sound effects' employed so convincingly by Jane Birkin and Donna Summer all those decades ago, Yoko Ono offered the same on 'Kiss Kiss' and 'Walking On Thin Ice' in 1980. And whoever put her up to it really was walking on thin ice...


The most blatant is almost certainly the 1989 hit 'French Kiss' by Li'l Louis. Remember that? Bloody hell, it was an awful record..!


Edit: Ooh look, I've hit 1,111 - my lucky number. (My birthday's next Friday in case that doesn't appear to make sense...)

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