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The Great Gatsby


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I thought this was rather dull.


What am I missing here? 


I found none of the characters particularly engaging "old sport" and the writing felt disjointed and messy a lot of the time. The decadence and broken biscuits of the American dream is an interesting, even worthwhile (for the time) subject matter but I just wasn't remotely provoked in any way by this.


Why all the fuss?

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I've never liked it either and I've read it 3 times.  If the definition of insanity is doing the same thing repeatedly, hoping for a different result, then this book has driven me insane.  Daisy and Gatsby particularly didn't seem like real people at all.  

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3 hours ago, lunababymoonchild said:

There is also a thread here : The Great Gatsby

That is page 2 of the archived thread I linked to, but there are a couple of other threads in the same sub-forum on specific aspects of the book.




Here is a link to the Great Gatsby Group Read sub-forum. http://www.bookgrouponline.com/forum/315-the-great-gatsby-f-scott-fitzgerald/

Unfortunately only the individual threads seem to show up in a Search, which can be confusing. To find the whole archived sub-forum on any of the old group reads it seems to be necessary to plough your way through thr entire list in the BGO Group Read section of the main page.

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