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I'm trying to find the title of a book which had characters which looked like Moomins but I don't know if they were moomins, there was a sort of nasty other bunch of characters who looked just the same as the moomin-creatures but had a different name...the books had amazing illustrations with hidden things in them. I remember a part where a male moomin(?) plays a lyre for a princess sitting on a lily in a pond perched on the top of a mountain. I think the Lyre might have been an important part of the plot. There was also a sort of underground train with all sorts of strange things on it like a red telephone box and a water tank with people in it.


Any ideas? :confused:

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OK, a few hours of Googling and scratching my head later, I have finally found it, its was called 'Trumpets in Grumpet Land' by Peter Dallas-Smith, amazon uk don't have it listed at all, and the American site is selling it second hand for $100!! Is midnight on a Friday too late to be phoning my parents just to make sure they aren't imminently giving away my childrens' books?!

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