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I've reached mid-1975 in Palin's Diaries, a really good read. Not only the obvious stuff like Python, but very good on social commentary of the times, a lot of stuff I lived through but had forgotten. It's perfect evening reading, and a real page-turner. It's led to a few late nights when I've promised myself just one more page.......



I think I may have to push this one nearer to the top of my tbr mountain. Thanks for letting me know what it's like Sam. :)

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Welcome, John Roberts,

I think you are the fourth person from the Netherlands. You say you live in the Netherlands, does that mean you are Dutch or not. I live in the Netherlands but I'm not Dutch. And, everybody else doesn't seem to live near me (in the south).

Anyway, I'm sure you have fun here. There are so many readers with a lot of different interests.

You will find out how to upload your own avatar here .

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Hi, I'm Pauline and I live in Derbyshire. Found this site through a link on another site I joined yesterday which is based in the States and thought it would be cool to be part of a group a bit nearer to home also.


I love reading, and discussing the book's I've read and am always looking for inspiration on what else to read.


The last book I read was Alan Bennett's Untold Stories, which I picked up after remembering the Talking Heads series he did on TV some years back. Great book. Am just about to start Barbara Kingsolver's Animal, Vegetable, Miracle.


My favourite authors are (in no particular order!)


Nick Hornby, CS Lewis, Tolkein, Mitch Albom, Barbara Kingsolver, Stephen Kings, Ben Elton, Tom Holt, Roddy Doyle and Tolstoy.

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Found this site through a link on another site I joined yesterday which is based in the States
That'll be my link, then. :D

Awelker is also a member here, but has only posted a couple of times.


Welcome to BGO, Batspice, you'll find we are a friendly lot, with a wide variety of tastes when it comes to reading.

Enjoy exploring the site, and if you come across a discussion that interests you, just jump right in. If you have something to say, and there is no discussion on it already, feel free to start one off. If you are not sure where it should go, make a good guess. We won't mind moving it to a different forum if necessary.

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Just wait till you end up with a mountainous To Be Read pile and an empty wallet - you won't like us as much then! ;)

Oh, no, Hazel - the poverty is worth it!


Welcome hungry hippo, Sam Peeps, Missysix, John Roberts and Batspice. What a nice mix of new members you are - varied tastes and varied wants from the site. I hope we can provide something to satisfy you all (I'm sure we can!!)


John and Hungry H - have you seen our Writers' Corner Forum a little further down the homepage? I'm sure you will find a few kindred spirits down there.

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My name is ciara and i have just signed up. I found this site by accident but am so happy i have!


i enjoy reading mostly everything and am currently working my way though Prozac Nation by Elizabeth Wurzel cause it was recommended to me by Amazon!!


I am looking forward to speaking to you all



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Hi everyone


My names dani and I'm new to this site I'm just about to start my degree in english literature and psychology two nights a week. My passion is books I will read anything and everything. I've just finished the Memory Keepers daughter which I thought was one of the most beautiful books I've read and am about to start atonement. I have a boring job so books are my escape as I can't constantly be on holiday. Best wishes to all :D

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Hi Dani, welcome to BGO. I also did my english lit degree part time and I also have a passion for reading anything (well, I'm not too keen on romance). I'm sure you will love it here on BGO. I read Atonement quite a while ago, before the film, and I loved it, I must get round to reading it again. I also read The Memory Keepers Daughter a couple of months back but I wasn't overly keen on it. Anyway looking forward to chatting. :)

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Suppose I should introduce myself now that I'm here.

I'm Sonja, 23, from Serbia (that's in southeastern Europe but considering

most of you are from Europe, you probably know where it is.. I hate explaining

where I'm from to people who "don't have maps" (allusion to that Miss South

Carolina.. for those who haven't seen it - youtube it)


Anyway, I'm doing my MAs in English Literature at the University of Novi Sad

(also in Serbia).. And I accidentally stumbled upon this forum and I'm already

loving it! C'est tout.. Read you all..

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Welcome to the site Sonja. Hope you enjoy it.


Only yesterday I got many points while playing Scrabble because I had 'Zupa' (just a guess) and late found out it was something to do with a village community in Serbia (many years ago?) - strange links we have between people!.

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