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Guess what The Sunday Times Culture section has a lot to answer for...


I did write part of this in answer to a question in my favourite book forum (fantsy /SciFi) but to shorten it for general consumption.


It seems that I have always had a book in my hand sometimes several, not all at once you understand, but the in bed book, the on the settee book the work book the train book etc.. To paraphrase my thinking on music, "there is only one sort of music thats GOOD music". Good music being described as music which gets your toes tapping or if classical music is your thing, you conducting to it! Sorry folks that's different forum but the intention is the same, don't dismiss a book because it doesn't fall into your genre.

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Hi all,

This looks like a great place to share views on books and reading.

I currently read about 3/4 books a month.

I'll read most things fiction and non-fiction.

Lost count of amount of books read.

I'm hoping for recommendations as i love to find new authors, I recently discovered 'Haruki Murakami' by chance browsing round Waterstones, bought 'The Wind up bird chronical' thought it was brilliant, plan to read the rest.

Looking forward to chatting with you all.


Cheers for now.

Cabrasopa. :cool:

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Hi all. I'm from the Wirral and found you via a C4 forum. Knew this was a place I wanted to be when I found a post from Keanea who also keeps more than one book at a time on the go. Finally! Someone who understands! I'm trying to fit in finishing my first novel around my day job and would love to write full time but have a feeling that option is way, way in the future (and that's being positive). Last few books read: Gaudy Night by Dorothy L Sayers, The Iliad, Tigana by Guy Gavriel Kay and have just started Foucalt's Pendulum by Umberto Eco.

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I live in southern California 2 hours east of San Diego.


I read everything.

Currently I'm reading Good Omens, by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett,

and Crime and Punishment.

And something by Laurell Hamilton.

and Writing Down the Bones.


prolly somethin' else, too, but I can't remember.


greetings, all :)

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Ok, since I've been here a while I better tell you all a little more, and yes it was The Sunday Times.


I cant remember not being able to read, i have never stopped reading..6 books a week when doing my O levels.

I have always loved myths and fantasy, was taken to the library from a young age and read to even when i could read for myself.

I dont currently work, have 4 children one of whom has downs' syndrome (hes 8) and am divorced. I would love to get back into the workplace but have found it difficult to justify leaving my boys with anyone else over the 6 weeks holiday, and christmas etc.

I was delighted to find this site as it has really made me think and given me some good ideas for my boys' reading. and yes my posts have vastly increased the past fewdays becaue it's the Easter holiays and I'm at home with the kids!! :rolleyes:

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I didn't see The Sunday Times at all (d'oh) - I came along via Google in one of those New (ish) Year inspired feelings, "I've always MEANT to do something about joining a book group" - my Surrey-London commute doesn't leave a lot of time for formal evening meetings so here I am and here's a bit about me...


Favourite author: Sara Maitland

Favourite book: 'Home Truths' by Sara Maitland ('Ancestral Truths' to the US readers, yes, I have a copy of this version too as my 'spare'!)

Notable book I couldn't finish: 'Tom Jones' - even after several looooong bus trips through Zimbabwe!

Current book I'm reading: 'The Wisdom of Crowds' by James Surowiecki

WLTR: all those not yet tackled on my shelf! 'Midnight's Children' is probably the most pressing - I loved 'The Ground Beneath Her Feet'

Preferred genres: I like various - history, romance, 'modern life', recipe books, 'big' books, poetry etc etc. Probably biased towards contemporary women writers for my fiction and science/psychology for my non fiction. Biased against 'macho' looking novels (judging by the cover, me??) and sports biographies.


I tend to seize upon an author, read several books by him/her in a short space of time then get bored with the style. This happened to me with Iris Murdoch and means I haven't read anything of hers for years :o . I'm trying to pace myself on Anne Tyler and Elizbeth Berg to avoid this. :)


I joined to try and get more out of the books I read by considering and expressing my own views and reading and understanding those of others. I remember how fulfilling it was in English class to actually think through your opinion of a book rather than speed-read it (another bad trait!) and leave it with nothing but a vague positive or occasionally negative feeling.


I haven't worked out all the forums yet - some books seem to pop up in more than one place and others I can't find at all but can't believe no-one has posted on! This is my first online group so I hope to get the hang of it in the end!



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Can I just say that I am LOVING this website, its such a pleasure (and privilege) to be able to log on and read everyone's recommendations and opinions about literature. I've already gotten some great new ideas for my next read!


I'm 27, living in Dublin and heard about this website from my flatmate (Hey HappyFriday - hurry up and finish TTW!) and have been an avid reader from childhood. Currently reading Catch 22 and Love in The Time of Cholera and also have On The Road by Jack Kerouac (will read it someday!) on the bedside locker.


Take care



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I found out about this group from the Sunday Times - the last issue before I cancelled it because they no longer supply overseas readers with the Culture Section. I live in France near Bordeaux, write chick-litty type novels, suffer desperately from the lack of a library and hide from everyone just how much I spend through Amazon France on books.

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Hi there, I'm Kats and I've just signed up.


Avid reader of crime fiction, science fiction and pretty much anything that takes my fancy.


Favourite authors include Janet Evanovich, Patricia Cornwell, Ray Bradbury and John Wyndham.


Umm, that's about it really...

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I just found this site after doing an internet search. Have wanted to join a book group for ages but can never get to them. I also live in Norfolk and am currently in my second year of studying for a degree in social work. I love reading but always feel guilty about reading fiction because I feel I should be reading social work books! Nevertheless I am an addict. I have just finished 'Jonthan Strange and Mr Norrel' which was brilliant and am now halfway through 'Cloud Atlas' by David Mitchell, which I am also enjoying. I like all kinds of books and am looking forward to finding out about lots of new ones on here.



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You are all abundantly welcome!


k8e, you'll be interested to know that Cloud Atlas has been chosen at this site's Book Group choice for April/May. Discussion starts next week. Just scroll down the main page to the Book Group forums - BGO Book Group Discussion Point and the forum which has been created especially for Cloud Atlas.

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Hello all! I signed up yesterday altho' I've had the link sitting for a while now. I guess I may have spotted it in the Sunday Times a few weeks back.


Anyway, I'm a London commuter so I read mostly on the train. Predominantly science fiction, particularly at present the new British guys (Hamilton, McLeod, Reynolds, Baxter). I have run out of Tom Clancy novels until he writes another, so I'm wondering where to go on the thriller front. I think Terry Pratchett is probably some form of higher being to be that good.


Just to keep the brain ticking over, I make the occasional foray into non-fiction (by the way, why isn't that called fact?) often with a science background.


I am most unlikely to read anything in the Top 10 simply because its there. (And most of the ways you can interpret that sentence are probably right).

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Found this site mention on another forum http://www.digitalspy.co.uk.


BOTH sites are excellent, but find you can waste valuable hours which could be spent reading, which I love (obviously!).


I am a retail store manager (WHSmith) in Cornwall, and I also write novels (none published so far).


Married with one son, who has Aspergers'.


Favourite books?

My 'desert island' author would have to be Emile Zola, better than Dickens IMHO! I like crime/detective fiction (Colin Dexter,Ann Granger, Raymond Chandler) and literary fiction (William Boyd is a particular favourite).

I like to potter with non-fiction too...Fast Food Nation and Short History of Nearly Everything have been read and devoured recently.

Despite my employer, I love independent bookshops, and have contributed to the Guardian recommends list.


As my son struggles to read (because of his learning disability) he has opened up the joys of listening to books on CD to me. I also love listening to oneword digital radio.

Looking forward to 'chatting' to all of you in the forums. Cheers!

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Hi there, I've been lurking around for ages, so thought it was finally time to speak up!


I'm Hannah and I'm a 23 year old childrens librarian. I have to read loads of childrens books for work - so its nice to indulge myself and read adult sometimes! I'm hoping there will be loads of good recommendations on here.


I will read anything and everything - most of the time. Once I start a book I have to finish it, with only one or two notable exceptions (Great Expectations, Lord of the Rings and Clarissa). I'm going to post my 10 faves in the other list in a bit, if I can shorten my list to 10!


Speak soon xx :)

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I just checked in to see what condition my condition was in....


Yeh yeh yeh.... what condition my condition was in...


I think I typed in Books Groups Online in my browser and the rest was history. I have been reading with others and discussing books for a couple of years in groups at Yahoo and Oprah.


This is different and fun!



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I have been registered on this site for a while, but have only just found time to sit down and post messages, mainly because I have been reading!


I live in Essex and run a reading group - The Books & Booze Readers. We have been going for five years, and have had people walk out on us because we are not as 'cultural' as they would like us to be! People, on the most part, stay around for a while - I think the name entices more people than the concept does!


I have managed to read a few books on the Richard & Judy Book Group list - not because I have been trying, but because the books looked good :o


I enjoyed The Time Traveller's Wife (note purposeful spelling error!) but this has since been superceeded by My Sister's Keeper, which I read in one go and didn't move until the last page. :rolleyes:

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Been awhile since I found my way onto this wonderful site, and I am so impressed! Every time I wander in, it has become better and better! Anywhere that I can find books to add to my wishlist is a very very good thing! (Although MrJebbie74 may not agree as it is becoming exceptionally difficult to walk around the bags of books found around the living room!)

Hello from Toronto Canada!

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Hi All,


Funnily enough, I do read the Culture section, but that's not how I got here! I recently joined bookcrossing, and then the BCUK group. Starry from there suggested I check out this place because I asked about--haha-online book groups. I'm a writer who is also a shameless book junkie, and so I think I'll fit in here! :)


I'm a 24 year-old American expat(ish) student on hiatus giong back next year. I write, I read, I write some more, watch movies, and I drink coffee. There's more, but those are the big ones these days.


Currently Reading:


The Little Friend

A Prayer for Owen Meany


On Deck:


Too many to list!


I generally read literary fiction, memoirs and travel stuff, but enjoy a good mystery when I need one (Sue Grafton, Jeffrey Deaver) . Want to get into the Thursday Next series by Jasper Fford. Also like social culture non-fiction.


I'm ALWAYS looking for suggestions on new things to read, and discussing books is one of my favourite things to do!


Looking forward to talking books with everyone,


Happy reading,



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Hi everyone

I found this site with google having given up trying to organise a bookgroup in rural Ireland, where I live.

There's a self-enforced moratorium on my Amazon wish list so I'm trying to get through by TBR shelf (it was a pile but it toppled over). So at the moment, I'm struggling through Jonathan Franzen's The Corrections. I like the writing style but it's very hard to get a "hook" into this book. Like so much of American work the characters are a bit dissociated and disillisusioned and it makes it difficult to engage with them.

Looking forward to all the discussions now! :)


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