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Shurely Shome Mishtake

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It is obvious from that advert that both fingers are to be eaten together as one unit. Therefore 'a Twix' is one pack, and two Twixes must mean two packs - in other words, four fingers.

By extension then one finger would be half a Twix. But suppose you took the packet and guillotined it through the middle (i.e. between the W and the I) and ate one of the half packs, what would you be left with? Two half fingers, for sure. But would that be (a) half a Twix or (B) two half half Twixes or © two half Twixes?

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I think you'll find that the plural of Twix is Twix.

Now you're not telling me Nigella has it wrong...?


I'm interested in the reasoning, though. We have hoaxes, why not Twixes?



EDIT: Reading more carefully she's probably not the best authority, given that she also includes 'Maltersers' in her recipe! :rolleyes:


Meg, you must share your Malterser Tray bake recipe with us!

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No, the plural of Twix is most definitely Twixes.

But you can say "two Twix" in the context of "two Twix bars", of course. As in the following notes for an "ode on a Twix":

If the two Twix bars were merged as one, it would be unwieldy. But each single, skinny bar in and of itself is a sweet delight


And for the above contributor (known as BigJack...), the "two bars per package" is only the second reason why Twix is such "a sweet delight" - the first reason being... "mouth feel". That's right: "mouth feel".

More here.

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While I have been learning English in school from 3rd grade, when I first started using it more actively - which was in Internet - my English was quite horrible. I made plenty of the mistakes mentioned here and probably havent (as a note, I dont use apostrophes because a problem with a key board, not because I wouldnt know where they should go to ><;; ) learned to avoid them all yet. But reading everything I could get in English (and also role playing some time later) was what really taught me the language. I will try to remember to come back and study some of the most mentioned mistakes here, since we dont really talk about them in school. ^^;

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Thanks nonsuch for reviving this.

What a thread! What amazing amusement. What with be-twix and be-twin, and getting through to Alibaba when I clicked on the link on #82 ... it is an absolute corker! Literally out of this world. I couldnt of wished for anything more or less to while away the time as my supper burned its' self to charred crisp in the oven. May we all continue to make glaring errors in order to cheer each other up. (Don't let it get on your wick :ph34r: - embrace it!)

Unfortunately, I have nothing to add at this time.

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Right. Now tell me: Why do English wear two trousers but Germans only onee hose? Why do they wear two glasses on their nose but Germans only one brille? Why do they need a pair of scissors or of tongs while for Germans, one schere and one zange will do?


I daresay the Guiness is to blame!

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If Twitter counts? 

The greatest Mishtake was by the record company PR for the new Susan Boyle album,

Was advertised on twitter #susanalbumparty. Read that how you want but was soon removed :)

Visual mistakes my favourite. This couple only trying to advertise real ale


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Just had a good chuckle reading through this thread, so thought I would wake it up in the hope of more contributions.. 


Ten years later, I am still incensed by this mis-quote: "The proof is in the pudding",  and regularly scream at the TV or radio when I hear it used.

No! No! No! The proof of the pudding is in the eating!


And can somebody please tell me when, how and why the verb 'to give' became 'to gift'? 

Today is my son's birthday, and we called on him this morning to give him his birthday present, not to gift him with it.



So good to read some of David's witty posts again.



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