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Vera Lynn WWII Sweetheart

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Was reading in the entertainment section of daily newspaper that Vera Lynn was putting out a 100th Birthday album and I was curious about it, thought a lady of that age might not have too much left of her vocal talent. Phoned the record store and the album is out now but her voice is dubbed from other recordings and augmented with orchestral background. It contains all the WWII favourites. However, thought I would prefer to have a younger recording so bought a two album set. The only recording I have of her is an LP and no longer have a turntable to play it on. I can indulge in musical nostalgia when the CD's arrive.

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Vera Lynn lives in East Sussex, so there has been a lot of coverage of her birthday on the local news programmes.

Apart from the concert in her honour (which she was too frail to attend) there were pictures of her projected onto the white cliffs at Dover yesterday. There should have been a fly past by two Spitfires, but the weather was too bad, so they did that today. 

Our U3A singers managed a chorus or two of her most popular numbers yesterday, even though we had neither the score  nor the lyrics with us.

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I saw a picture of the image of her projected onto the White Cliffs at Dover, she really is a marvellous lady and brought light into a very dark world with her songs and her personality - I'm glad she was honoured so well.

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