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Body in the Freezer (Free eBook) 5th to 9th April 2017

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Our murder mystery novel book entitled  'Body in the Freezer' by Naks-Cos is published in Amazon. Please read it and write review.


Synopsis: After seven years in prison for the murder of his partner Gopika, Vishnu still struggles with demons of the past. He still doesn’t believe his memory of that fateful night . . . or maybe he does, and the world doesn’t! Dr Sujata has offered to help Vishnu peel away the layers of confusion and emptiness and reconcile with the truth. But what is the truth? Will they find it? And if so, will Vishnu be ready to face it?!


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    • By sasireader21
      If you could meet any character from any book, who would you get to know? I would love to chat with Hermione Granger from Harry Potter; I feel as though she would have interesting stories and that we could relate to each other easily.
    • By BookishThings
      We all have baggage. Real friends help you carry it.

      It’s 1983 in Boscobel, Wisconsin, in the southwestern corner of the state, known as the Driftless Area. Ellis Sayre is different. He’s a twelve year old orphaned Native American. His adoptive parents lost a son a few years ago and welcomed him to deal with their grief. While stealing day-old bread for a friend in need, Ellis and his two best friends—George and Mason—witness a murder by a local kingpin. Authorities disagree with their story. They call it made up. The boys are trapped, worried for their lives, sending them on a flight to Grandad’s Bluff in La Crosse, WI, along the Mississippi River. Two peripheral stories about Ellis Abbot—a World War II veteran, and Two Right Feet—an orphaned Native American during early 1800’s, are entwined to unearth Ellis Sayre’s roots. They combine to tell the truth.
      - I really enjoyed this book, there was mystery, there was confusion, there were surprises and there was a heartwarming account of friendship and what it is to be there for someone. It's brilliant and especially cosy to read this time of year! 
    • By Viccie
      I'm surprised that there aren't any existing posts on the books in Imogen Robertson's entertaining 18th century mystery series, maybe there were once and they got lost in the great crash.
      Theft of Life is the fifth book featuring Harriet Westerman and Gabriel Crowther.  In the first book Harriet is the lively, curious and bored wife of a navy captain who is at sea and Gabriel is an anti-social anatomist.  They meet and become friends when Harriet finds a body.  One of the things that I particularly enjoy about this series is that there isn't a budding romance, Harriet is devoted to her husband and children, and if Crowther admires here he keeps it very close, instead they are good friends who enjoy each other's company. 
      Theft of Life starts off with the body of a prominent slaver found pegged out in the grounds of St Paul's and it's initially assumed that one of London's negro community has enacted a revenge killing.  Crowther and Westerman get involved and things aren't what they appear. It's an excellent, fast paced and satsfying read with a superb sense of period, I think it's probably the best in the series.  Highly recommended.
      If you haven't read any of these books do start with the first though.  While all thebooks in the series can be read as stand alones, each one refers back to events in pervious novels and this one in particular will give away some of what happened in the first in the series.
      Incidentally, this book absolutely sums up the problem I posted about before with calling this section Historical and Romance.  Theft of Life is defintely historical, it could have a place in Mystery, one thing it isn't is Romance.
    • By danmiller48
      Are the use and distribution of illicit drugs a part of your
      school’s culture? The answer, unfortunately, is yes. At
      some level, drug abuse and the dealing of drugs are a part
      of all secondary schools. As a school principal I face and
      address many challenges and problems, but for any
      principal, safety is a priority. Drug abuse among students
      brings the problem of drug use and distribution directly
      into the school and affects the health, well-being and
      safety of all students. I wrote Snowballs and Sinners in
      the aftermath of addressing a school-wide drug
      infestation. Although the thriller, Snowballs and
      Sinners, is fiction, the story is based on actual events
      and on real people. The story chronicles activities at a
      typical, suburban school and provides a glimpse into
      the drug subculture present in our schools today.

      Available at Amazon
    • By Khaled Talib
      Dear Reader
      This is the review of my suspense-thriller Smokescreen in the US Examiner (Columbia Books). 
      To see the review, please follow the link: http://www.examiner.com/review/independent-author-khaled-talib
      Smokescreen tells the story of a magazine journalist who learns of a plot to assassinate the Israeli Prime Minister during a visit to Singapore, only to discover he is to be made the scapegoat.
      To learn more about me and the novel, please visit www.khaledtalibthriller.com

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