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My first book "CRYPTIC" by Conrad Luznar was published 5 days ago.  Up till now I have written screenplays and magazine articles, but found I do enjoy writing books and have started a second book. The book can be found on Amazon, Amazon UK, and Amazon Canada.


A young man with three college degrees and a genius IQ teams up with an established serial killer who calls himself Cryptic, as they prove they can kill and elude the law.


The story focuses on two dysfunctional and damaged men who

eventually meet and form and unlikely “friendship” which includes murder. The killer Gus, has been killing for years. Now he wants to make a name for himself by outwitting police. Eventually labeling himself Cryptic.


Gus teams up with a college graduate named Gage, a genius that has had a rough upbringing. Gage is skilled in ciphers and codes, which they send to police and newspapers through letters and cards. The story gives insight to both men's lives, spanning from the 1960's to 2006.

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