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This is the first in the twelve part family saga known as Poldark. 


Set in Cornwall in the late 1700's this, as you would expect, is the story of Ross Poldark but it starts with him returning from war to find his father has died, his servants drunk, his house unkempt and his land and the mines on the land going to rack and ruin.  Most hurtful of all : he finds his childhood sweeheart and first love engaged to his cousin, having come to the conclusion that he was dead.  Ross does not handle this at all well but does rally and gets to work straightening out his life.  First the servants, then the mines and the land. 


This is surprisingly well written and very entertaining.  The book, of course offers more than the TV series can and is well worth reading for that reason alone.


Not high-brow literature and nor does it pretend to be.  It is, though, an enjoyable glimpse into another time in history and how people lived.



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