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What do you think of our concept of books with 360 cinematic illustrations?


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Hi guys,


(Hazel, admin, knows I’m posting this.)


What do you think of our concept of books with 360 cinematic illustrations?

Do you agree that young adults will be encouraged to discover reading with this concept?

Do the demonstrations on m http://www.turlbook.com/ m engender the magic experience for you? 



I’m new to this forum. I volunteer for TurlBook. We are a small team of artists. Isti is from Hungary and got an art degree from Oxford. I’m from Southampton (UK) and I worked in publishing for 9 years (US sometimes).


We have a whole new eBook format. Someone on Twitter compared it to Harry Potter magic newspapers where drawings suddenly wake up and move. (In our case it goes further: 360º panoramic animation. Characters act out a scene as you move around.)


There’s a singular aesthetic to match the text and 360 together. I tell Isti he’s tapping into ancient Eastern European storytelling when he does his thing. He kind of agrees. 


When I tried a demo first time on my tablet I was afraid it would be like seeing LOTR movie; a lot of the scenes weren’t how I'd dreamed. It actually encouraged me to imagine more. Others have said the same. 


It’s a bit like making real the shared dream we’ve all had at least once of a book coming alive so we can step inside its world. (Hence “the magic book is now real”.) 


We have working demonstrations (see http://www.turlbook.com/ ). 


Before we do a Kickstarter or an Indiegogo to fund the making of the first three books we’d like to canvas opinion from the book loving community. We’re not going for “feature rich”.


:festive:  We hope you will love the concept and sign up your support on the site.


Questions at the top.








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