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Darjeeling: A History of the World's Greatest Tea

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Topics include the original discovery/invention of tea, the importation of tea plants from China to India during and after the Opium Wars, the establishment of tea plantations in Darjeeling, how tea is grown and processed and evaluated and sold today, how to distinguish between the different "flushes" of Darjeeling tea, and the future of tea (with problems such as climate change, competition from tea grown in Africa, and the decision to switch to new styles of farming like organic or biodynamic).


Some of the topics weren't new to me as for example China, the Opium Wars  and the importation of tea plants but these were short chapters and fluently written.  Koehler had managed to sustain my interest all through and made me search Google images for views from Darjeeling of Kanchenjunga  or even those hotels in the hills that Koehler stayed in (oh how trivial I am).  However I have baulked at buying the best leaves on sale at Fortnum's.

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