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Is this the perfect series for BGOers?

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My daughter's boyfriend loved the movies. We started watching, but had a problem finding the episodes. This article reminded me of why I liked it so much. We will have to try harder.

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    • By lunababymoonchild
      This was raised on the I'd like to read more thread and I'd like to discuss it.
      I have always been criticised for watching too much TV, usually by my mother.  The last conversation I had with her however, had her conceding defeat and (most importantly) desist going on about it.  She was the one that taught me how to read, to balance to the books a little.
      So, do we watch too much TV? 
      I am lucky to have Sky+ so have access to all sorts of different channels and I record quite a bit to watch later. I also watch, on occasion, the crafting channels.  I do have other hobbies - paper cutting and origami for example, in addition to reading - so that the TV is switched off occasionally.  My father doesn't really understand how to work the remote control so sometimes I have to be on hand to help with what he wants to watch which is not necessarily that which I want to watch, but overall I think both of us have struck a nice balance.  Neither of us is avid soap opera fans and on the rare occasion that someone calls round or the telephone rings we switch the TV off. It's so easy to record that neither of us is afraid to miss something - to be fair neither of us ever was -  or 'stay up late' watching the end of a film for example.
      I really do feel that we are both more selective these days now that we have the choice and it is a lot easier to switch the TV off and go and do something else.  So I wondered why TV is still seen as some kind of bad thing to do with your time and why it is seen as someting we could do with less of.  I've learned a great deal, for example, from the documentaries that I choose to watch and much from Animal Planet.  I don't necessarily think that it's a bad thing (although it was funny at the time) that my father and me were watching Dirty Harry before Christmas and my father's TV ears weren't working properly so he felt he had to ask me what was being said.  My reply was "You've seen the film so many times before, you know the script!" which is true (TV ears were replaced the next day).
      So, what is so bad about watching TV in general or is it that people feel that they watch too much TV to the exclusion of something else and if so, why not stop watching TV and do the something else?
      ETA Is it a bad thing that we have turned the TV off to go and use the internet as I am now?
    • By Squirls
      Just finished watching the last few frames of the snooker and am chuffed to see the lovely John Higgins win.

      Also Big Up to Michaela Tabb for her capacity to stand for so long in those high heels. She's smart, sexy and talented and totally bucks the trend among some of those dowdy refs.
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