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The near future is not what you think it is going to be. 100%!

The new technology will allow to identify, measure and download the human creativity and, therefore, our world will momentarily change for better although it will have left many people behind.

Under the management of scientists, the bio hard drive Collective Mind runs on the human creative energy. It can easily solve the majority of modern problems: it provides new technologies, finds remedies against previously incurable diseases, successfully stops the environment crisis and does many other useful things. People are willing to sell their creativity to Collective Mind to earn money and make the technology more powerful.

Isaac Leroy is one of those who want to get a lot of money for his creative energy and, thus, solve his biggest problem with getting the funds for his sister's surgery. However, his plans are not going to come true: an unexpected terrorist attack turns him into an avid adversary of this most useful invention in the world. The unfortunate guy who finds himself cornered may become a desperate criminal. Now his goal is to destroy the Collective Mind technology and eliminate its terrible side effects.


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