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New Young Adult Thriller: Snowballs and Sinners

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Are the use and distribution of illicit drugs a part of your

school’s culture? The answer, unfortunately, is yes. At

some level, drug abuse and the dealing of drugs are a part

of all secondary schools. As a school principal I face and

address many challenges and problems, but for any

principal, safety is a priority. Drug abuse among students

brings the problem of drug use and distribution directly

into the school and affects the health, well-being and

safety of all students. I wrote Snowballs and Sinners in

the aftermath of addressing a school-wide drug

infestation. Although the thriller, Snowballs and

Sinners, is fiction, the story is based on actual events

and on real people. The story chronicles activities at a

typical, suburban school and provides a glimpse into

the drug subculture present in our schools today.




Available at Amazon

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When I read your review Dan, I was glad that our kids are adults and their kids are adults and also hoped that maybe the drug culture wasn't as rampant in Canada as in the U.S., however, I have no way of knowing that.  Don't know about the U.K. and that is where many of the members of the forum are located. Your books does sound interesting but maybe informative too.


Welcome to BGO, maybe some of the other threads would interest you too, so have a look around.

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      As a stolen artifact evolves into crimes surrounding a maniacal drug lord, challenges to U.S. and Mexican government relations, and deadly escapades that involve faked deaths and real kidnappings, readers experience a supercharged plot that grabs interest tightly and does not let go.
      The mark of a superior thriller lies in its ability to seamlessly transcend borders, boundaries, and special interests to provide a series of interwoven subplots that all come together in a satisfying crescendo of intrigue designed to keep readers on edge right up to the end.
      Take a deep breath before reading Gun Kiss. Its special brand of activity and complex personal and criminal interactions makes it hard to put down, and highly recommended for thriller and crime readers alike.

      D. Donavan
      Senior Reviewer
      Midwest Book Review
      My new thriller, GUN KISS,  will be released on 1 December, 2017. This thriller with a hint of romance features a protagonist who falls in love with a Hollywood movie star. But their relationship is not smooth sailing as a killer is stalking them. I've enjoyed writing GUN KISS and I hope you'll enjoy reading it. The novel will officially be released on 1 December first and will be available through Amazon - please click on the site's link at the top of the screen. 
      Please join me to celebrate the launch of my new thriller, Gun Kiss.
      Lots of #kindle book prizes to be won!
      Here's the Facebook link for more details. Kindly RSVP. Thank you, and I hope to see you there! GUN KISS BOOK LAUNCH
      Best wishes,'
      p.s. Hope you like the cover.

    • By LXT
      Hi there,
      We have recently launched a new business with a new way of reading stories!  It's called Letters Across Time, where you receive stories from characters through the mail in actual letters.  There are free samples on the website, if you want to give it a try.  We would love to hear what book lovers think of this idea!

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