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    • By Wayne Clark
      Indi authors are amazing, right? I have read Broken from Donna Siggers and wrong place wrong time from David P Perlmutter. Davids book is based on a true story and is becoming a movie which I can't wait to see. I am lucky to have interviewed this guy! Donna is an amazing lady with such an amazing story to tell. Thought I would just drop some value here.  
    • By DawdlingPoet
      Move, flow
      sway, scribble,
      glide across,
      along and throughout
      your paper or screen,
      owning it with yourself
      expressed through words.
      Its certainly true,
      the freedom you get
      from writing and typing,
      helps ease that which may
      work against ourselves.
      I find it a form of release,
      a spilling of wonders,
      fears, emotions, odds and ends...
      to note that which grips us
      is like a form of accepting your own truth.
      Whats yours?.
    • By daveblackwell
      I am a new writer from Kent in the UK. I have just published my first book in which is based on true facts of depression, abuse and profound deafness. The story follows Frank who becomes trapped in his own mind of nightmares in which he relives memories of abuse, bullying and loss. I have written this from experience and I am profoundly deaf.
      Available in print from Amazon

      Also available in EBook version from Amazon, ITunes, Barns & Nobel, KOBO, 24Symbols and many more. Search for ‘Lost in Life’ by Dave Blackwell under your preferred EBook provider.
      Instagram: davegfblackwell
      Please share with family and friends.
      Edit: We only allow sales links via our own Amazon hyperlink, as this is the way BookGroup Online is funded, therefore I have replaced your link to Amazon with our hyperlink, and deleted the link to your Facebook page.  You are welcome to tell us more about your book, and I hope you will be joining in with other book discussions  in the various forums
    • By Khaled Talib
      This is an article about my upcoming thriller, Gun Kiss, published in Divine Magazine. The novel will be released by Imajin Books in Canada. 
      Divine Magazine
      Best wishes,
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