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Hi everyone, 


I just wanted to let you know that The Little Book of Muses by me is currently available on Amazon's Kindle Unlimited. This unique book offers a collection of my personal phrases to find and keep the Joy in writing. 




Warmest wishes, 




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I've published through Kindle Direct (I took back the rights of my books when the publisher decided not to reprint any more), and revised them for Kindle. It's very straightforward.


A good cover is vital and a cover which is adapted for thumbnails on the internet.  Do some research about the ones that really catch your eye.


You can't publish with anyone else like Lulu or the others if you want 30% royalties.


Publicity is key and is very hard work. It's a chicken and egg situation, it's hard to get yourself on the book promotion sites unless you have a certain amount of 4 & 5 star reviews and you aren't allowed to send free copies out for review - you have to buy them and gift them to whoever. The recipient is allowed to return your book and swap it for another so you can end up by paying for the book they'e taken on holiday! The only way around that is to send out pdf copies which is a nuisance or get your friends to write reviews. Not very honest but unless you are prepared to pay for reviews (even more dubious!) it can be the only solution.


You're allowed to do promotions where you either drop the price or offer a book free for up to 5 days. (That may have changed since I did it). Interestingly enough I offered my first book as a freebie hoping to increase sales for the other two. They did go up but it was the paid-for sales of the first bookthat rocketed upwards. I still can't work that one out.


Hope this helps.



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Thanks for the feed-back Viccie. Very helpfull. Mainly the comments regarding the reviews are very usefull food for thought.


One thing I have a hard time figuring out is to enlist for the Kindle Unlimited thing or not. It allows to have up to 70% of royalties, but then it is also hands customers of Kindle's reader service to read the book without buying it. Which could have a negative impact on sales, allthough I may be over-estimating that.



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