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I think I read this book a long time ago, but my memory of it is tainted by mental images of Albert Finney playing Tom in the 1963 film version. It seemed very salacious to me, an innocent teenager at the time.


It is a bawdy romp, and has 29th century appeal because of that, but you do have to cope with18th century prose to reach the story.


Rather like Tom diving in amongst all those 18th century petticoats. I hope you have as much fun! :D

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Tom Jones is huge fun and once you adjust to the slightly unusual style, including the addresses to the reader at the start of each section, you should love it.


Samuel Johnson didn't, writing to a friend, "I am shocked to hear you quote from so vicious a book. I am sorry to hear you have read it." When it was first published there were even those who believed it was responsible for two earth tremors that hit London! As with today, I'm sure this all helped Fielding's sales enormously and it's amusing to see the parallels with reactions we see today, although with comparatively 'tame' subject matter.


I enjoy it also in the historical context as one of the first successful mainstream novels, the medium still being 'novel'. So there's plenty of experimentation in what he does. Also some serious themes - it's not just a bawdy romp.


Let us know what you think when you've finished. :)

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