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I weirdly feel in love with this book at one point even though it was slow moving at first.  It is written in the dog's perspective so curiosity got the better of me and I had to read it.


It's sort of a really sad story but having it be from the dog's perspective makes it a bit more bearable.  The dog basically reports in on the world around him and helps his owner navigate through the various crises that he faces.  His owner is a race car driver and there are a few chapters which deal with that.  


The varying length of chapters through me off a little bit too, I think that's what made it hard for me to get into at first.  But the dog's observations on life are somewhat priceless.  His fear of crows and zebras, his love of racing and his ultimate goal. I think it was an interesting story.  It was at least different which was refreshing.  Anyone else read this?

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