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Girl, Undressed: On Stripping in New York City or No Man's Land

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This was a chore to get through.  I thought it might be interesting but it was a steaming pile of bull as far as I can tell.  The author from is Wales went to Cambridge on a scholarship and then floated around the world being selfish.  Eventually karma seems to bite her in the ass in NYC when she can't get a visa.  And boy does she complain every step of the way.


I don't know much about culture there so maybe that's what was going on (different way of talking about things etc) but she comes off as racist as well.  I feel like there is just something seriously off about her.  Her parents seemed aloof but that of course is from her perspective so who knows if that is true or not.  I'd recommend that no one bother with this unless they want to be tortured for 250+ pages.  Anybody else thumb through this terrible book?

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