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Love Triangles - annoying or amusing?

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I have always maintained that love triangles are just frustrating for a reader! I always hate when something comes between my two favourite characters in a book. In Twilight it was Bella, Jacob and Edward and in The Hunger Games it was Katniss, Peeta and Gale. For all of those fans out there I am team Edward and team Peeta! Always! It used to drive me crazy when I would read about Katniss choosing Gale and finally choosing Peeta in the last chapter! In any book it would drive me mad.

However after writing Thunderstorm and now I'm in the middle of editing my second book which should be available shortly I have realised that that is the whole point of a love triangle. Not to drive people crazy but to ignite that passion in people! If someone takes the time to sit down and read your book and develop such strong emotions towards your characters then you have done your job as a writer. 

I always write for myself, what I would want to read in a book, what I think should have happened, things like that. After publishing Thunderstorm though I'm a little more concerned about what my readers want, how they feel about the characters and where the story is going. 

Despite how frustrated I get with love triangles I find that writing them is so fun! It's so entertaining to watch two people fight over one person. Especially for the person they're fighting over. All of those awkward silences, the issues that are never resolved, the mixed feelings that make the character uncomfortable to show affection to either. 

I must admit that I have grown to appreciate the love triangle. Despite my earlier misgivings I enjoy writing about the difficulties faced by two people who care for each other and one character's decision that will affect two of the most important people in their life. I find myself even introducing characters that were not in the original draft just to add to the fun. 

However just because there is a love triangle it does not mean that the character should only make his/her decision in the last chapter. Even though he/she has decided, as is seen in Twilight, jealousy can be a fun emotion to play with too. One thing about love is that you never give up, even when it seems that you have lost!


Please upload any thoughts you have on love triangles :-) 

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Well that's interesting. I hadn't really thought that writing a love triangle would be fun. Perhaps because they are just something that happens. I suspect that often, in real life, love triangles aren't (always triangles). Because they never get that far. People have feelings for other people and sometimes they can't act on those feelings and somtimes they can. From a dramatic perspective it helps to have the angst there. In real life people make their choices, usually feeling they have made the wrong decision, and live with that decision. An author allows his/her characters to be more selfish than reality. And that is correct for teh drama of fiction.

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I tell you it is fun! We have used a kind of love triangle (more tangle than triangle) in the "Opus Gemini" trilogy, very briefly it even turns into a quadrangle, and I could very well imagine how flattered the guy feels who is the subject of the controversy between all those pretty girls around him. Though he should maybe start thinking when two girls give him on his nose on the very same day. :naughty:

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