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Three Singles to Adventure

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Not sure where to put this. It's funny, but that's not it's primary purpose, so as it's a memoir I'll pop it in here.



In 1950 Gerald Durrell travelled to the country then known as British Guiana, now called Guyana, to bring back a living collection of the fauna native to that corner of South America. There he met with many kinds of adventure: some amusing, some thrilling and some extremely irritating.

The team travel on a riverboat up the Essequibo through the green and lush tropical forests  and trek across a landscape teeming with life and a riot of colours. He gets into a sticky situtation with an angry two-toed sloth and learns how (or how not) to lasso a galloping anteater. As Durrell tells us from the outset, there is one thing to be said for collecting animals: it can never be describer as dull.


I took this audiobook with me on a short break, as Mr meg has enjoyed some of Durrel's other books so might not mind me playing it in the car.

It was very amusing, but I did find the attitude of Durrel and his companions towards the animals, and the natives who collected them, a bit distasteful.

!950, I know. I would have had no misgivings about it sixty years ago!


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