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    • By megustaleer
      Can You Forgive Her? is the first book in the series of six Palliser novels (also known as the "Parliamentary Novels") by Anthony Trollope.
      The common thread of the series is the wealthy aristocrat and politician Plantagenet Palliser and (in all but the last book) his wife Lady Glencora. The plots involve British and Irish politics in varying degrees, specifically in and around Parliament. The Pallisers do not always play a major role; in The Eustace Diamonds (the third novel) they only comment on the main action.
      I am listening to this on an unabridged audiobook read by Timothy West, who was also the reader of the Chronicles of Barsetshire which I have listened to at intervals over the last couple of years. Hearing the same voice reading a narrative that is recognisably Trollope is very comfortable, and though only two CDs in I am expecting to enjoy this, even if it is politics.
      It was serialised for BBC television in 1974, and although I didn't follow it I must have seen an episode or two along the way, as I remember very clearly Susan Hampshire in the role of Lady Glencora.
    • By megustaleer
      Having enjoyed my slow amble through the Barsetshire Chronicles I have decided to give the Pallisers a try.
      I have vague memories of this series being dramatised on TV back in the nineteen seventies, but not having a TV at that time, and still having memories of the interminable Forsyte saga, I did not watch any of it.
      I have now ordered the unabridged audiobook (22discs ) of the first in the series, Can You Forgive Her? from the library. It is currently on loan from the only branch that can trace it, and is due back in March. My reservation runs out in September.
      I do not anticipate posting on this thread for a while, but if anyone has read this book, or any of the subsequent titles in the series feel free to add your comments here.
    • By Momo
      The Warden – Barchester Chronicles 1 - Anthony Trollope - 1855
      I read this first of the Barchester Chronicles with my former book club in England. I have been trying to read one book every year ever since.I loved all of the books and have started a thread on each one of them so we can discuss the books separately.
    • By Momo
      Barchester Towers – Barchester Chronicles 2 - Anthony Trollope - 1857
      I can see why this is the most popular of his books because there are so many characters in it. However, I think it is very hard to decide. I think my favourite is Doctor Thorne .
    • By Momo
      Doctor Thorne – Barchester Chronicles 3 - Anthony Trollope - 1858
      Even though I like all of the Barchester Chronicles, this is my favourite. Trollope manages to describe the people in his fictive city so well, you think you live among them.
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