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The Silver Button


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One Thursday morning, at 9.59, Jodie is drawing a duck with silver buttons on his boots. She is starting to add the last button and her tiny brother nearby takes his very first step.  Just at that very same moment a pigeon is making a nest, a jogger is running past, a man  buys bread, a baby is born, a soldier says goodbye to his mother and so much more goes on all around..


All that could be happening in one particular minute in time is told and beautifully illustrated page by page. At first in the same room where Jodie is drawing, then in the family home, then in their street, then in their town and so on. All the happenings are simple everyday things and there are many diverse people going about their daily lives.  Then finally the town hall clock strikes 10.00 and Jodie finishes the last silver button on the duck's boots.


This is a lovely book for reading to two to five year olds as there is so much to see and think about.  The words are simple and easy to understand but what makes this so special is the wealth of detail in the drawing. You can spend many long minutes on one page finding different things happening, or learning the names of things you see, even with the limited attention span of a two year old.  Proved from experience. :)


Description cannot do this lovely book justice, try and look at it in a bookshop or library and you may find the perfect present for a youngster in this age group.

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