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April and Esme, Tooth Fairies


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April Underhill, seven year old tooth fairy gets a request on her cell phone. Daniel's Grandma specially asks for her to collect his tooth that night but Mum and Dad Underhill are not sure April and her sister Esme are ready to make their start as tooth fairies.  After a thoughtful discussion they are finally convinced  and the girls fly off on their first assignment.   Not all goes smoothly, but April and Esme make sure everything ends as it should.


The illustrations are  beautiful, but funny too, and the story very well written.  There are many lovely small details to look at and discuss as you go along and it is gentle, happy  fun to read to a child. Maybe other BGO  families, as well as mine, will recognise Grandma asleep with her book and her glasses on. :)   This story  is just right for those four  to six year olds who are getting gaps in the smile.  Perhaps worth reading to any small person before their first wobbly tooth, so they can be prepared for what happens.  I think they would be happy to imagine fairies with spectacles, stripey socks and a cell phone were flying along with a string bag to bring them a shiny coin in exchange for a tooth. 

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