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Holiday Reading


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Having just returned from a 2 weeks holiday in Italy, I'd be interested to know what other people's holiday readin was/is. I haven't been reading much lately so I only took 2 new books with me, but a few older ones that I hadn't got round to reading. When I'd finished those I started reading my parents' books. So...


My Life With The Doors - Ray Manzerak: This was written by the keyboardist of The Doors, it was a really interesting inside view and didn't just focus on Jim Morrisson, it looked into lyrics, the whole band and the whole scene at the time, which I found really interesting and helped me to understand the music more.


Saint Morrisey - I can't remember who this is by...: I didn't really enjoy this book, it was basically just analysing every lyric Morrisey ever wrote, which would be interesting, but it was just relating the lyrics to Morriesy and not anything else. It didn't look into the other band members at all, and completely glossed over the split.


A Year in the Merde - Steven Clarke: This was absolutely hilarious, and painfully true. It's about an English guy who goes to live and work in Paris and it really cleverly describes the obstacles (so to speak) Brits come across in France, especially Paris. I think that was my favourite book that holiday.


Park and Ride: Adventures in Surburbia - Miranda Sawyer: This was a really interesting look into British suburbia culture, and really funny. It got a little slow at some points, but overall really good.


Dancer - Colum McCann: Oh I loved this book so much. It's a fictional tale around the dancer Rudolf Nureyev. It's about his dance career and his personal life, and the personal life is all fictional...it's really ard to explain, just read it ;) When I finished it I just wanted to pick it up and read it again.


Strange Affair - Peter Robinson: Not really the kind of book which I would normally go for, but I really enjoyed it. It was really gripping the whole way through, with a really surprising conclusion. I'd read another one of Robinson's novels, definately.


And then I ran out of books and re-read Harry Potter and Kurt Cobain's biography :)


What was/is all of your holiday reading?

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Well, I haven't been away yet but will be in September - I haven't decided what to take with me. My friend urged me to read Cross Stitch by Diane Gabaldon, which I haven't got round to yet as its not normally my cup of tea - so I may take that with me. But I was thinking about Julian Barnes Arthur and George...

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I've been kind of on holiday this month as I haven't been setting myself any writing deadlines so I've managed to get a bit of reading done. The best novels of the last few weeks have been:


Passion by Jude Morgan

Brilliant and emotional, it tells the stories of the women who impacted the lives of the romantic poets Byron, Shelley and Keats. 500+ pages but I was completely entralled the whole way through!


Pond Lane and Paris by Susie Vereker

The heroine, Laura, has endured the illness and death of her husband - a man she married young - and also one, as it becomes clear as the story unfolds - who was rather selfish and feckless, leaving Laura to do the work of supporting them.

The story opens as Laura discovers that she can no longer afford to upkeep her home - Pond Cottage - and takes the opportunity to try out a job in upscale Paris... Her new surroundings provide the catalyst for her to begin to rediscover herself. The beauty of this story is not only in it's romance - and the romance that is in there is very real and touching - but in the cast of differing characters, all with their own problems, and how they interact and move towards solving them. What I liked about Pond Lane and Paris is that we all know people like the people in this story.


Ring of Clay by Margaret Kaine

This is a romantic saga set in post-WW2 Staffordshire. Not my usual type of reading but this year one of my new year's resolutions was to make myself read in genres in don't usually, and I got really involved in the main character of this story - Beth - who is utterly realistic and sympathetic, and how she works through her traumatic experiences to build a life for herself and achieve her happy ending.

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Once upon a time I tried to fit my holiday reading in with the venue or type of holiday I was having, but in recent years my TBR pile has been so big that I just grab a few from that. I did manage to read 'Let Me Go' on holiday in Vienna last month, which is the first time I have synchronized book and location for ages (and that was more by luck than judgement!!)


I have not had a problem so far in finding English language novels in European holiday resorts, but I do browse bookshops wherever I go, so i suppose that if there are any about I will find them! I have been known to come home with more books than I took :o


Tess and Harriet, could you reproduce the 'My Tea is Rich Joke' here so that the rest of us can have a go at figuring it out?


Could it have something to do with 'Rich Tea' biscuits :confused:

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I went on holiday at the beginning of June and my holiday reading was mainly the best sellers of the moment. I spend so much time reading childrens books for work, holiday becomes adult reading time! Soooo I read:


My Sisters Keeper by Jodi Picoult (which I have now also read "The Pact" which shows I enjoyed it, as its not like me to chase an author to read their other books!)


Time-travelers Wife by Nifenneger


Toast by Nigel Slater (which I didn't enjoy so much)


The other side of the story by Marian Keyes (really impressive for chick lit!)


The Know by Martina Cole (which was very depressing for holiday reading, but a good read for not concentrating on!).



I keep hearing about "A Year in the Merde", I think I need to add it to my to read list for next years holiday!!!

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This is a timely thread for me as I have just returned from my holiday.


I didn't read as much this year as last year (I had to read some of my kid's books last year).


This year I read the last book of the Quintaglio Ascension by Robert J Sawyer - intelligent dinosaurs on another planet (yes it is Science Fiction); Eve Green by Susan Fletcher, thought this was very good; Scuba Dancing by Nicola Slade (see Romance section); and Deception Point by Dan Brown.


Deception Point was the only Dan Brown book I hadn't read. Didn't enjoy it as much as the others, but I find the main problem with his books are that they are too formulaic - you can always guess the baddy!!


Back home and now reading The Chrysalids and Harvesting the Heart by Jodi Picoult.

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