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Gone Riding

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I bought this book because the author's wife is an old friend of mine. We went to school together, hung out afterwards and are still friends. But I've not met Dom and know nothing about him.


So as well as being interested to read the book, I also wanted to get to know the author.


Dom Giles is a history teacher who decided to ride a motorbike from Alaska to Panama and then from South Africa to Kenya. Dom was already well travelled but not in such an independent way. The book is refreshingly open and honest. Not your usual tales of how brilliant the author is, or how easy it is to travel. Dom doesn't really have any nightmare situations and doesn't have any wild adventures. He just travels, learns stuff and shares stuff.


I enjoyed the book. Was my interest piqued because I really wanted to get to know the author? I don't know. Did I learn anything about the author? Yes, I think so.

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