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Marked Series

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The Marked Trilogy – namely Eve of Darkness, Eve of Destruction and Eve of Chaos.  I thought the idea was really great and original, yet it was dreadfully executed. These books were bought for me as a present, as I had previously read stuff by this author (even though I have not liked anything I have previously read).

The premise of the story is humans who sin are marked with the “Mark of Cain” and drafted into duty to slay rogue demons.  The story revolves around Evangeline (or Eve) and she becomes marked, it is never fully explained why, and it seems her only sin is to give her virginity to Alex Cain at the age of 18.  Alex Cain is actually the first of the marked namely Cain of the bible story Cain and Abel who has been damned ever since to walk the earth as the original demon killer.  Ten years down the line Reed Abel (Cain’s brother) is sent to Mark her for her earlier sin (wheels of justice it seems turn slowly in the celestial world!) and before doing so “seduces” her in a stairwell - although it was more like rape as Eve is clearly under some kind of mental control and I really can't find any other description for it given the clear level of mental control involved, but rape.  Cain and Abel then are both obsessed by her (why is a mystery) and she is stuck in the middle of their biblical feud whilst trying to figure out her new place in the world and her new status as demon assassin. I found this whole premise of the story unbelievable to be honest, admittedly Lust is one of the seven deadly sins but the majority of “Marked” humans are murderers.

Evangeline's “sin” did not constitute the punishment and that is what doesn’t sit well with me in this story.  It seems that Evangeline appears to have been picked because Cain is in love with her and she is his weakness, so she is being manipulated and effectively damned by god so he can punish Cain and get Cain to play the way he wants. There appears to be a lot of double standards, admittedly the god of the old testament was vengeful and wasn’t above tormenting humans  to  achieve his own ends which leads you to believe there's more to Eve's marking than meets the eye, `There is no coincidence where the Lord is concerned” is said many times and seems to reiterate this, the only reasons I can come up with is because she is agnostic and so is also being punished for that fact but using rape which seems to have been sanctioned by god as an excuse to get the girl they want to manipulate Cain with and punish for not being a believer is a little bit too uncomfortable.

The actual plot is all over the place and the pacing is as well.  You start reading wondering if you have started with the correct book as you seem to be head first in the middle of the story, the next few chapters then are the back story being explained which bring you to the point of where the story started.  There are numerous unanswered questions and cliffhangers and it is deliberately left so you read the next story to answer them.

If this author had stuck with the highly original idea of demon assassins and using human sinners to work off their sins by completing this task this would have been a brilliant series of stories, there are too many things that make no sense. This is a series of books that could be really good, it lurches from promising to diabolical and back again and quickly degenerates into a vehicle for delivering badly written porn.

When you have read all three you are no further clearer on what the point of it all was, and it is left with many questions and is unfinished and it seems there is a novella which is the next installment ...so not actually a trilogy at all – this seems to be an annoying  running theme with this author.  Having not read the novella (or planning to) I quickly looked it up and the majority of the reviews for it state it doesn’t answer any of the questions and leaves the reader feeling cheated.  

As I say this seems to be a running theme of this author I have now read three of her series’ of books and none of them have been completed when you go to her website she uses the excuse of problems with the publishers as reasons for not completing any of the series of books she has written to this point.  I would say it is a calculated move to try and keep the reader interested therefore virtually guarantee sales when the books finally do appear.

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