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A man drives a Mercedes into a people waiting in a job queue. As Mr King is wont to do, he introduces us to a couple of the soon-to-be bumper-fodder before he introduces the bumper of the Mercedes. A desperate man. A young mother with her baby.


Bill Hodges retired cop is haunted by this unsolved crime. He leads sedentary, junk food-filled daily existence until he receives a letter in the post from the killer laughing at Hodges' inability to catch him. Hodges ignores the claim but begins to put the case together. The owner of the stolen Mercedes, the murder weapon, dies some time after the crime was committed and Hodges doesn't think this is a coincidence. With his IT literate neighbour and the sister of the Mercedes owner, this little band of people flung together begin to chase a killer. Just as he chases them.


King has announces that this book is the beginning of a trilogy featuring Bill Hodges and I am really pleased to hear that. I enjoyed this very much - as a straightforward crime novel it is very good. King is always...well, king at drawing his characters and the extraordinary predicament they find themselves in.



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