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I'm Looking for a Mentor of Sorts

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If it's a biography, doesn't it need to start with someone else being born :wonder:


I'm not sure how many of us on BGO are writers, rather than readers, but I guess it all stems from whom the subject of your biography is.  Then I can only imagine it's a case of researching the life, events, achievements, scandals, whatever, of the subject and then deciding how all that information is to be presented.  I think most biographies start at the beginning of the subject's life but some I have read start pretty much in the present and then move retrospectively in order that the reader can understand just how things arrived at the point they did or how things turned out as they did.


It may not be much of a help, but is it worth reading a number of other biographies to see what sort of structure or path they follow, although obviously you wouldn't necessarily want to copy too closely if you want to make it individual or personal to your style.


Good luck though  

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Would really like to know what your post means, Johnny Five (a robot) - but what does the rest of it mean and are you really going to write a biography?   :unsure:

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I'm a firm believer in "post it notes" and a very large bare wall. Then you put up some basic chapter column headings, collect data and stick them under possible chapter headings, add and subtract, do a lot of shifting stuff around, but you can still see 'the full picture'. Good luck with it anyway Loveabull

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hey man, find an event which particularly gripped you about your own life, and spiral everything else around that, like a maypole- doesn't have to be at the beginning. ;) I have to organize my organizing, but then I get neurotic about it, so bad my front sections of brain actually start feeling used up. That feeling has yet to go away, actually... maybe I should cut back for a while... ;( don't get like me. Pace yourself. the thought that will set it off will occur to you; just set your subconscious to work on it, check back every so often, and soon, before you know it, it will pop out a wing-zinger from the toaster of life. Yeah, I know I' not published, but still. ;) Good luck!

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Even thought it's a BIO.


It has to have a plot.  Like a HIGH POINT, and a low point.  So, since you're not famous(i.e A singer, or an actor).

I'd start right away with something "TENSE" or some sort of TWIST.

Then in the second chapter you can go back, and tell us about your childhood, etc..


But just telling us went you were born, means nothing, unless, there's a reason to read your BIO.

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I once went into a BIO reading binge (cause they were the only books I had available in that period..long story)

Anyway, the only books they had were rockstar BIO's..some I didn't even know who there were.


Now, all these BIO's were the same.

family, starting the group (all this in 10 pages).  They become famous(from page 10 till 20)..then them doing drugs and trying to quit.(from page 20 till page 400 )

Boring books.


All of them were repeats of the other ones, all aside from one: about a group called MOTLEY CRUE (I don't like the group, and never cared for them)..YET, the author, made the book one of the funniest, coolest experiences to read.

The material was the same as the other BIo's, nothing new under the sun.



Anyway, For a BIO, start with the DRAMA.. Or hint there's going to be something.


Then you can write away.


Remember a BIO, need a plot.  Unless it's something like 'basketball diaries'

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