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2014 FIFA World Cup - Brazil


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Would we be referring to the tragic case in 1994 of the Colombian (Pablo Escobar) who was murdered on his return to Colombia because he scored an own goal??

Yes, we would.  

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I would not have watched at all if my wife had not been insisting (why? I had hoped for a quiet evening, with our football-crazy son being in the Netherlands with his school class), but I have to admit that my chin dropped yesterday. While my brother-in-law, down in Slovenia, had been confident that Germany had a real chance to win, I had not had this much trust after the weak games against Algeria and France. And then that ... our daughter fell on her bed roaring with laughter when she heard on her radio in rapid succession, "And it's a goal - and another one! - and another one!" The German TV commentator asked several times within a few minutes, "Just what is going on here?" And when the score was 7:0, I began to feel seriously pity for the Brazilians.


At half-time, a commentator in the TV news said, the shock of the Brazilian audience was so great that he did not expect any trouble in the cities for this night, yet. Alas, he has been wrong.

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Jose Mourinho must be sitting there with a beatific smile after having sold David Luiz for £40 million to PSG.

RG was saying much the same last night while watching! He thought that after that performance PSG might be asking for a refund for faulty goods!

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Argentina v Holland!   :speechles  Bored, bored, bored.

Was pretty forgettable, struggling to remember it and worrying a little over that. We may have to go through it all again with tomorrows Brazil v Nederland for 3rd and 4th place. Do we really need this game?

Saw in the guardian the literary world cup teams and certainly made me smile.


Looking forward to Sunday and hoping for a fun fair and fabulous game.

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Good game and congratulations to  Germany, certainly suspenseful, I got up early this morning to watch with grandsons and we were pacing room and jumping up and down.  Very happy for you,  Romanike,   as although you are no football fan yourself, your son must be so happy and excited. :D  :clap:  :festive:

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Struggled to see why Messi got the golden ball but hey ho.

I just don't get that decision either, can only be based on whatever he did BEFORE the tournament started.

Germany probably deserving winners in the end, they seemed more of a collective team than a collection of star individuals, or a team relying too much on one individual.

Was it a great World Cup? Some papers asking whether it was the greatest World Cup ever. I don't think so. My own view of it was that it started off terrifically, some of the group games were really entertaining, but I found my interest waning as it went on. The quarter-finals in particular, which SHOULD have produced some great games, were pretty dire, then we had the amazing Germany v Brazil semi-final which blew just about everyone away with its unexpectedness. Final was OK, but then how many great finals can anyone remember in recent times. Glad it was won without a penalty shoot-out, and a good goal to secure it.

It will be interesting to see how Russia fares in 2018.

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