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The Law and the Lady

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I have just finished this book. It is the fourth book by this author that I have read and probably my favourite. It was recommended by a friend who stated that although not so well known as others by Wilkie Collins it was one of his best.

It is an unusual murder mystery story although I would have to say that the real appeal of the book lies within the characters themselves. The positions of the hero and villain tend to move about a bit and compassion has to be felt for all those involved. The character of Misseremus Dexter in some ways reminds me of Miss Haversham from Great Expectations. He really is an extremely odd as well as a sad character and although he would probably be considered the villain this does not really tell the whole story.

Having now read four novels by Wilkie Collins I think that I am really coming to appreciate the great ability he had for producing such wonderful personalities. Some of his characters I have really loved, some I have pitied, some I have thoroughly disliked and one or two I would have liked to have given a good shake!

All in all I would have to say that this has been a book well worth reading. Once having started I found it very difficult to put down.

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    • By FirelightSpirit
      I'm about 200 pages in, having just finished the first period of the story. It's very exciting so far and I'm enjoying Betteredge's livley narrative.

      Sergeant Cuff is a very interesting character - good characterisation by Collins.

      I'm withholding judgement about whodunnit at the moment. I have my suspicions, but, with Collins' skilfull writing anything could happen.

      I'm intrigued. How 'bout you?
    • By megustaleer
      I have a feeling that he will prove deserving of a thread of his own!

      I am already impressed with the way he manipulated Julia, Lady Verinder into agreeing to have all the wardrobes checked for the paint smeared garment 'so that the women servants won't think themselves suspected'....and with the way he abandoned that idea when one person refused.

      He's a sharp one, that Sergeant Cuff!
    • By megustaleer
      FirelightSpirit has confessed to suspecting Betteredge, and I suspected various characters of a hand in the crime.

      How about telling us who you had on your list of suspects?
      ...and Tagesmann, as you were disappointed with the explanation of Franklin's behaviour, what was your version of events?

      I was disappointed in Roseanna!
      I was sure that the 'love at first sight' story was a blind, and that She had some connection with Franklin Blake in her shady past...one that maybe he was not aware of.

      I also, briefly thought that someone had put the nightgown on over her clothing to protect it from the paint...but that was a) when I suspected Rachel, and before I knew whose nightdress it was.
    • By FirelightSpirit
      I think a few of us must be finished this by now, so what did you think?

      I confess I was mistaken in who I thought had 'dunnit'. I thought it was Betteredge, not out of any sinister motive, but out of a desire to protect the family from what he clearly thought was the curse of the Moonstone and the three Indians. I have a habit of never trusting narrators in stories like this.

      It did twist and turn very expectedly. I think even people who read detective novels regularly would be surprised. Maybe someone who does could comment? I really was quite surprised at the way it turned out. I kept thinking that Collins had thrown Luker in as a red herring and he didn't really have the Moonstone.

      As for the curse of the Moonstone, it did seem to enact a terrible revenge on Mr Godfrey.

      I was a little dissatisfied by the way it was written in places, but I think this is a lot to do with the convention of the time.
    • By megustaleer
      This is to nudge Katrina into sharing the character assessment she has been making of Gabriel Betteredge.

      I have been enjoying his narration so much, and his recourse to Robinson Crusoe for guidance.

      I have a very strong picture of him in my mind, and strangely, when I checked IMDb to see if it had been filmed, I discovered that there was a mid-nineties TV version (which I didn't see) in which Betteredge was played by Peter Vaughan , which actor exactly fits my own visualisation of Gabriel
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