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Don't Put Your Pants on Your Head, Fred


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Don't put your pants on your head, Fred !

Don't wear six pairs at a time.

Are you sure those pink frillies are yours, Fred?

I'm thinking that maybe.....they're mine..........


Fred's sister, Kate, tries to help him learn how to get dressed,  but he still takes all morning and worries, so he seeks more help from Her Majesty's  Army. Unfortunately when he gets there at eleven o'çlock the soldiers are still in bed and apparently take days to get dressed.  Fred tries to help them get ready for the Queen's inspection at noon. But............



There are pants on their drumsticks,

And  pants on their hats

And someone has even put

Pants on the cat!


Thankfully the Queen eventually sorts them all out.



I have just discovered books by this excellent writer /illustrator team and this one for 3 - 7 year olds is a favourite.  A funny, happy book with large, bright illustrations, guaranteed to raise many laughs and giggles and hopefully help with learning to get dressed. It could be an ideal Christmas present and I look forward to reading it to youngsters in our family.


Quoted above are samples of the rhyming text in mixed size print with different typefaces making it easy to use for a 'Read With' as well as a 'Read To' book.

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